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It was in the middle of winter and I was staying after school to rehearse for a dance production I was in. When it had ended, I asked for my mum to come and pick me up but she was at her Bridge Club. My friends offered me lifts home but I said I would walk, being in the active mood. I walked outside and it was already really dark. I looked at my watch and the time was 7:30.
I walked for about 20 minutes until I came to the alleyway that lead to my house. This alleyway is known to be quite dangerous. Many people have been mugged down in broad daylight, including me. Anyway, I started walking down the alleyway, and luckily the street lamps were still on. As I was about a quarter of the way down it, I had a sudden urge to look behind me, being kinda paranoid about things. When I looked behind, I thought I saw the figure of a man. He looked strangely familiar. His silhouette1 showed a top hat, a coat which fanned out at the top and bottom and he appeared rather tall. I looked closer and fear swept over me as I saw what looked like a long knife in his hand. I turned around and started walking faster, being careful not to run as he might chase after. It wasn't long before I had another urge to turn around, and when I did, he wasn't there.
Breathed a sigh of relief and caught my breath a bit. Feeling like I must have imagined it through paranoia2, I turned back around. I couldn't help myself, I screamed petrifying3 as the same figure was in front of me, only a lot, lot closer. I could clearly see the details of his clothes, the knife, and then history caught up with me. The figure I saw was the deathly figure of the infamous4 Jack5 the Ripper. I didn't know what to do then. Jack the Ripper died a long time ago, didn't he? I turned on my heel and started to run but my body didn't move. Someone was grabbing6 on to my arm, I slowly turned my head and a horrifying7 face startled8 me. His eyes were grey and bloodshot with huge black bags underneath9 them. His skin looked as if it was burnt and sore, and his teeth were yellow, but there were cracks in them with a red stain.
I screamed again and tried to get my arm free but the man had pushed me on to the ground. He kneeled down over me and moved the knife close to my stomach. I screamed in pain as the knife cut the surface layer of my skin. I couldn't lie there and let him kill me, so I bit the hand which was over my mouth and wriggled10 away from him. I ran back in the direction of my house but I forgot about my school bag which I had dropped while trying to get away. I then fell and smacked11 my head against the pavement. As everything went black, a tear came from my eye as I saw his boots stop near my side. I smiled a bit as I would not have to feel the pain as he mutilated my body.
To my surprise, I woke up in my bed the next morning. I thought I was dreaming and that I would have to go through that boring school day again, but as I sat up, a sharp pain cut through my stomach. I lifted up my top and saw a knife shaped wound. My mum came in my room, and saw I was awake. She asked if I was ok now and I asked her what had happened. She showed me a newspaper article about a guy who had been going around dressed as Jack the Ripper and killing12 girls. He claimed to be Jack's grandson. I asked if that was the guy who did the same thing to me, and why he didn't kill me. She said that someone had seen me fall and ran to help me, the person had also said that he had seen a man run away as he approached.
I asked if we could send a card to the man to thank him but my mum said that there was no need as he was in the sitting room. I got out of bed and went downstairs to thank him. When I got there, the guy looked like he was really tall. My dad was in there talking to me and he told me the story of how the guy was feeling when he saw the Ripper guy run away. I went to shake the mans hand, and froze in fear, when the man smiled, his teeth were yellow, and they had cracks stained with something red...

1 silhouette     
  • I could see its black silhouette against the evening sky.我能看到夜幕下它黑色的轮廓。
  • I could see the silhouette of the woman in the pickup.我可以见到小卡车的女人黑色半身侧面影。

  • 2 paranoia     
  • Her passion for cleanliness borders on paranoia.她的洁癖近乎偏执。
  • The push for reform is also motivated by political paranoia.竞选的改革运动也受到政治偏执狂症的推动。

  • 3 petrifying     
    v.吓呆,使麻木( petrify的现在分词 );使吓呆,使惊呆;僵化
  • I found the climb absolutely petrifying. 我觉得这次爬山太吓人了。 来自柯林斯例句

  • 4 infamous     
  • He was infamous for his anti-feminist attitudes.他因反对女性主义而声名狼藉。
  • I was shocked by her infamous behaviour.她的无耻行径令我震惊。

  • 5 jack     
  • I am looking for the headphone jack.我正在找寻头戴式耳机插孔。
  • He lifted the car with a jack to change the flat tyre.他用千斤顶把车顶起来换下瘪轮胎。

  • 6 grabbing     
    v.抢先,抢占( grab的现在分词 );(尤指匆忙地)取;攫取;(尤指自私、贪婪地)捞取
  • The plane was grabbing for altitude. 这架飞机在抢占高度。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He sprang to his feet, grabbing his keys off the coffee table. 他一跃而起,从茶几上一把抓起自己的钥匙。 来自辞典例句

  • 7 horrifying     
  • He went to great pains to show how horrifying the war was. 他极力指出战争是多么的恐怖。
  • The possibility of war is too horrifying to contemplate. 战争的可能性太可怕了,真不堪细想。

  • 8 startled     
    adj.受惊吓的v.使惊跳,使大吃一惊( startle的过去式和过去分词 )
  • A crowd of 2000 was startled near the end of the concert. 2000名观众在音乐会将近结束时大吃一惊。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Startled by the sudden whistle of the train, the horse broke away. 火车突然鸣笛,那匹马受惊脱逃。 来自《简明英汉词典》

  • 9 underneath     
  • Working underneath the car is always a messy job.在汽车底下工作是件脏活。
  • She wore a coat with a dress underneath.她穿着一件大衣,里面套着一条连衣裙。

  • 10 wriggled     
    v.扭动,蠕动,蜿蜒行进( wriggle的过去式和过去分词 );(使身体某一部位)扭动;耍滑不做,逃避(应做的事等)
  • He wriggled uncomfortably on the chair. 他坐在椅子上不舒服地扭动着身体。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • A snake wriggled across the road. 一条蛇蜿蜒爬过道路。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》

  • 11 smacked     
    拍,打,掴( smack的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He smacked his lips but did not utter a word. 他吧嗒两下嘴,一声也不言语。
  • She smacked a child's bottom. 她打孩子的屁股。

  • 12 killing     
  • Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off.投资者准备清仓以便大赚一笔。
  • Last week my brother made a killing on Wall Street.上个周我兄弟在华尔街赚了一大笔。

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