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    "Good Health"




              Good   Health

  The desire for good health is universal. In our competitive society it is important to maintain good health. On the one hand, people with good health can do work with full confidence and their progress in work in turn contributes to their health and happiness. On the other hand, a sick person is usually not interested in everything around him and therefore he loses many opportunities to become successful.

  There are many ways to keep it. First, those who are always on the go from morning till night should find time to relax because too much stress will affect their health. Second, enough time should be left for sleep because that will help one become rested and refreshed. Finally, regular physical exercises benefit one's health a lot. So one should always keep in mind that a certain amount of exercise is not a waste of time.

  As for me, I like playing tennis in the morning. I also attach much importance to enough sleep and relaxation. I believe this will ensure my good health for the rest of my life.



             Hope      Project

   Education plays a very important role in the modernization of our country. However, because of historical factors, there are still a lot of people in China who are undereducated, especially among youngsters in rural areas. They cannot afford the expenses of schooling and need help. At the same time, China is not able to invest too much money in the matter at present time. It is in this particular situation that the authorities carry out the "Hope Project ".

   This project is necessary to our country. It is an urgent measure that the government has taken. In the first place, this project will provide conditions for the youngsters to go back to school, which will contribute to their future success. Thus it will lead to the enhancement of the intelligence level in our country. Secondly, education makes it possible for people to acquire knowledge, which is useful to their future work. Hence, this Project benefits the modernization of our country a lot. Finally, it can make more people educated. Therefore, it may indirectly result in the increase of the living standards of our people.

   In my opinion, this project is of great importance to our country at the present time. And it also will have a profound effect on the future achievements of our country. I suggest that more work be done so that every child in the countryside can receive elementary education.

次序词的使用不仅限于first, second, third,本文第二段使用了in the first place, secondly, finally列举原因,说明希望工程为什么对我国很必需,条理清晰,层次分明


            Modernizing    China

   Modernization will bring a number of benefits to the people of China. Advancements in science and technology will result in better industrial and consumer products. New roads, trucks and trains will improve transportation for both people and goods. With new health care methods people will live happier and longer.

   However, modernization also gives rise to a number of new problems. Pollution of the air, ground, and water has become a serious problem in many parts of China. An increase in vehicles on the roads has also resulted in more traffic accidents, injuries and deaths.

   We can, however, deal with these problems if we are careful. We can train many environmental scientists who can help factories operate cleanly. We can pass new laws to regulate our traffic more safely. Finally, we must expand our education system to prepare better educated people for tomorrow.



          Population   Control

  Progress in science and the improvement of living conditions have led to the rapid growth of the world population. Modern medicine, for example, has made it possible for babies to grow up healthily and for people to live longer. With improved living conditions, particularly in the countryside, people tend to have larger families. As a result, the world population has increased so rapidly that it has now exceeded 6 billion.

  But the overgrowth of population presents a threat to the existence of human society. A large population demands a great deal of food supply and shelter space. However, limited productivity and scarce world resources can hardly meet the needs of the ever-increasing population. Thus, in the long run, the overgrowth of the world population will only harm mankind.

  To guarantee the steady development of human society, mankind must realize the consequences resulting from fast population growth and carry out a family planning programme. Only by adopting effective measures, can human society develop steadily and have a bright future.




          Controlling    Cancer

    There are two main causes of cancer: heredity and environment. We can do nothing to change our heredity, that is, the basic physical characteristics that were passed on to us by our parents. However, we can do a great deal to control our environment, which may account for 80-90 %of all cancers.

  Environmental pollution can be divided into two kinds: personal and impersonal. Personal pollution may be defined roughly as unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking, and eating the wrong foods. Clearly, with enough will power we can control this personal environment.

  Impersonal pollution, on the other hand, refers to those things which are beyond our individual control. One example would be industrial pollution, which is very hard to control because of the expense involved. It would be expensive in terms of profits and perhaps jobs. The American automobile industry, for example, resisted the law requiring smog-control devices because it feared the added expense would reduce profits. Nevertheless, some laws protecting the environment have been quite successful in reducing pollution.


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