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Dear Graduates,


  Tomorrow, or maybe today, you will be leaving us. Like fresh winds blowing out of this lychee campus, like eagles spreading their wings, you aspire towards the azure sky higher and above. Allow me, on behalf of the university, to add a few parting words to the beginning of your new journey.


  Graduation is a remarkable accomplishment.


  Here on the lychee campus, you've spent two to eight golden years of your prime youth, pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies. The freshly conferred Master's or Bachelor's degree is a recognition that you have covered a considerable part of your life's journey in the right direction, accomplished a worthwhile business, withstood the tempering of university education, and acquired a positive capital for the days to come. My colleagues and I are happy and proud that you have made it. Our warmest congratulations to all of you!


  Graduation is an outlet for burning aspirations.


  It is time the hunters to confront the lofty mountains, and the seamen, the vast sea. The outside world can be extremely challenging at times, but therein also lies rich opportunities. A poem has this beautiful line, "A hundred thousand mountains/loom large/in the dim Twilights/Who is the brave one/to cross them/amidst rumbling thunders?/Who, I pray thee?" I can see in your face an eagerness to answer the call. Yes, who else, if not you? With that determination, the highest mountain will be climbed, and the vastest sea will be crossed.

  现在是猎人面对山岳,以及海员,茫茫大海。外面的世界是非常具有挑战性的时候,但其中也在于丰富的机会。一首诗了这个美丽的路线, “十万山/织机大/在昏暗Twilights /谁是勇敢的1 /交叉他们/声隆隆雷鸣? /是谁,我祈祷你? ”我可以看到在你的脸热衷于接听电话。是的,还有谁,如果不是你吗?有了这种决心,最高的山峰将攀升,而广大海域将跨越。

  The world outside does not believe in tears, all it pays is initiative, confidence, and perseverance; nor does it believe in destiny, all it rewards is conscientiousness, diligence, and dutifulness. When you set out from this lychee campus, please check that you have left behind arrogance, insularity and slothfulness. Try your honest best, but remember to face life with a smile. As long as you have tried the utmost of your heart and strength, you can be ordinary but honorable, broke but respectable.

  外面的世界不相信眼泪,一切支付是主动,有信心,有毅力;也不相信命运,所有的奖励是认真,勤奋,和dutifulness 。当你离开这个荔枝校园,请检查您留下傲慢,偏狭和slothfulness 。您可以尝试诚实最好的,但不要忘了面对生活的微笑着。只要您有最大的努力你的心和力量,可以是普通,但光荣的,可敬的爆发,但。

  Graduation is tinged with a touch of anxiety.

  You are standing at a crossroad. Where do you go from here? Some of you have chosen to pursue further education, others have decided to go to work. Whatever your choice, life is sure to await you with frustrations as well as rewards. Remember, temporary frustrations is not hell, nor is partial rewards heaven. Life is a curious mixture of both, and you have to forge ahead in their amidst. All of us who stay on this campus would be more than happy to receive you back and share your story of growth. In times of success, think of us, and your joy will be doubled; In times of pain and bitterness, think of us, and together we will sing your favorite song:"Why fuss over this little pain? We mariners have bigger dream to follow!"


  你是站在一个十字路口。如果你何去何从?你们当中有些人已经选择进行进一步的教育,其他人决定去工作。无论您的选择,生活肯定会欢迎您的到来与挫折,以及奖励。请记住,暂时的挫折没有地狱,也不是部分奖励天堂。生活是一种既好奇,你必须在其前进之中。我们大家谁留在这个校园将非常高兴地收到您返回并分享您的故事的增长。在时代的成功,我们认为,和你的快乐将增加一倍;在时代的痛苦和辛酸,想到我们,我们将携手唱你最喜爱的歌曲: “为什么要大惊小怪这个有一点痛?我们水手有更大的梦想后续! ”  Graduation is a photo album with unfading pictures/forever engraved in the mind.

  In the days outside and ahead, whether you would be phenomenally successful or unduly frustrated, certain parts of this lychee campus will always stay in your mind, so will a couple of unforgettable figures who has touched/become part of your life. The same is also true of us, your teachers and elders. We will remember the days which you spent with us, the days which witnessed our successful application for PhD degree conferment, and the days when we grow with the Undergraduate Teaching Assessment. The vigor and spirit you've brought to this university will always stay in our minds, so will the years you've spent with us, and the wonders we have jointly created.

  毕业是一个相册, 永远铭刻在心灵。


  When you take leave tomorrow, or maybe today, please check that you've brought with you all the happiness, strength, and good wishes this lychee campus has to offer, and thrown vexations, fears and gloom into the wind. www.yingyu6.com

  Autumn floods will join the rivers and flush to the sea, spring clouds will rise above the caves and lit up the sky with sunglows. So will you.

  All my best wishes with you, for each and everyone.


  秋季洪水将加入齐平,以河流和海洋,春天的云彩将超越洞穴和照亮了天空sunglows 。因此,你会。


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