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奥巴马讲话 填补最高法院空缺

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Hi, folks. Joe Biden here and I'm sitting with Tim Lewis, a retired1 federal judge who was nominated to the bench by a Republican President and confirmed by a Democratic Senate - within four weeks of a presidential election.
Hello, everyone. That's right. And I'm living proof that President Obama's nominee2 to the Supreme3 Court Chief Judge Merrick Garland-deserves similar consideration by today's Senate.
Not only because Merrick Garland is recognized I might know - without exception - by the right and the left as one of America's sharpest legal minds and a model of integrity. But also because that's what the Constitution requires.
The sitting President shall-not may-but shall nominate someone to fill a vacancy4 on the Supreme Court, with the advice and consent of the Senate. That includes consulting and voting.
Here's how it works. For 17 years, I was chairman or the ranking member of the top opposition5 party person and Senate Judiciary Committee, which overseas nominations7 to the Court, all court, all federal courts. I presided over nine supreme court nominees-more than anyone alive. Some I supported. Others I didn't.
But every nominee was greeted by committee members. Every nominee got a committee hearing. Every nominee got out of the committee to the Senate floor, even when a nominee did'nt receive under the law's majority support in my committee to be reported out.
As I thought the senate should advise the scene not the committee, And every nominee, including Justice Kennedy - in an election year-got an up or down vote by the Senate. Not much of the time. Not most of the time. Every single time. That's the Constitution's clear rule of Advice and Consent. And that's the rule being violated today by Senate Republicans.
Nobody is suggesting that Senators have to vote "yes" on a nominee. Voting "no" is always an option for any senetor. But saying nothing, seeing nothing, reading nothing, hearing nothing, and deciding in advance, to simply to turn your back-is not an option the Constitution leaves open to United States.
And it has real consequences for all of us. In the four months since Merrick Garland's nomination6, we've already seen how the Senate's refusal to act is preventing the Court from fulfilling its duty of interpreting what the law is and resolving conflicts in lower courts.
This historic obstruction8 is leading to greater litigation costs and delays the burden falling mostly on average Americans rather than corporations with endless resources. Unresolved decisions by the Supreme Court are leading to federal laws that should apply to the whole country being constitutional in some parts but unconstitutional in others.
If this continues, our freedom of speech, our freedom to practice our faith, our right to vote, our right to privacy-all could depend on where we happen to live. And the longer the vacancy remains9 unfilled, the more serious the problem-with greater confusion and uncertainty10 about our safety and security.
You know, if you have eight Justices on a court, Justice Scalia himself wrote, that it raises the, "possibility that, by reason of a tie vote, the Court will find itself unable to resolve the significant legal issues presented by the case." And if Republican Senators fail to act, it could be an entire year before a fully11 staffed Supreme Court can resolve any significant issue before it.
Folks, there's enough dysfunction in Washington, D.C. Now is not the time for it to spread that dysfunction from the Congress to the Supreme Court. And we're better than what we're seeing.
As a country, we're only as strong as the traditions we value- that we sustain by dedicating ourselves to something bigger than ourselves.
Folks, the defining difference of our great democracy has always been that we can reason our way through to what ails12 us and then act as citizens, voters, and public servants to fix it.
But we have to act in good faith. For unless we can find common ground, we cannot govern. So for the sake of the country we love-we all have to do our job. The President has done his. The Senate Republicans must do theirs.
Thanks for listening and hope you have a great weekend.

1 retired     
  • The old man retired to the country for rest.这位老人下乡休息去了。
  • Many retired people take up gardening as a hobby.许多退休的人都以从事园艺为嗜好。

  • 2 nominee     
  • His nominee for vice president was elected only after a second ballot.他提名的副总统在两轮投票后才当选。
  • Mr.Francisco is standing as the official nominee for the post of District Secretary.弗朗西斯科先生是行政书记职位的正式提名人。

  • 3 supreme     
  • It was the supreme moment in his life.那是他一生中最重要的时刻。
  • He handed up the indictment to the supreme court.他把起诉书送交最高法院。

  • 4 vacancy     
  • Her going on maternity leave will create a temporary vacancy.她休产假时将会有一个临时空缺。
  • The vacancy of her expression made me doubt if she was listening.她茫然的神情让我怀疑她是否在听。

  • 5 opposition     
  • The party leader is facing opposition in his own backyard.该党领袖在自己的党內遇到了反对。
  • The police tried to break down the prisoner's opposition.警察设法制住了那个囚犯的反抗。

  • 6 nomination     
  • John is favourite to get the nomination for club president.约翰最有希望被提名为俱乐部主席。
  • Few people pronounced for his nomination.很少人表示赞成他的提名。

  • 7 nominations     
    n.提名,任命( nomination的名词复数 )
  • Nominations are invited for the post of party chairman. 为党主席职位征集候选人。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Much coverage surrounded his abortive bids for the 1960,1964, and 1968 Republican Presidential nominations. 许多消息报道都围绕着1960年、1964年和1968年他为争取提名为共和党总统候选人所做努力的失败。 来自辞典例句

  • 8 obstruction     
  • She was charged with obstruction of a police officer in the execution of his duty.她被指控妨碍警察执行任务。
  • The road was cleared from obstruction.那条路已被清除了障碍。

  • 9 remains     
  • He ate the remains of food hungrily.他狼吞虎咽地吃剩余的食物。
  • The remains of the meal were fed to the dog.残羹剩饭喂狗了。

  • 10 uncertainty     
  • Her comments will add to the uncertainty of the situation.她的批评将会使局势更加不稳定。
  • After six weeks of uncertainty,the strain was beginning to take its toll.6个星期的忐忑不安后,压力开始产生影响了。

  • 11 fully     
  • The doctor asked me to breathe in,then to breathe out fully.医生让我先吸气,然后全部呼出。
  • They soon became fully integrated into the local community.他们很快就完全融入了当地人的圈子。

  • 12 ails     
    v.生病( ail的第三人称单数 );感到不舒服;处境困难;境况不佳
  • He will not concede what anything ails his business. 他不允许任何事情来干扰他的工作。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • Measles ails the little girl. 麻疹折磨着这个小女孩。 来自《简明英汉词典》

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